Saturday, September 22, 2018

equinox on the moonsister path

as the light meets its match in darkness
preparing to rest
I wonder what I’ve done
while the light lit it, what I did
I did moon circles, I sang songs
I made music from silence
I made love from fear
I opened
I cried
I sat with my toes in the sand
I swam
I walked the edge of the tides
it’s time
I said something 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Underworld Moon

Tuning In Moon Report:

Underworld Moon

(Oct 29 – Nov 28 2016)

Integrating Your Shadow Side

The Underworld Moon cycle is the darkest time of the year. Technically, the December and January moons might have more darkness hours, but this is the last cycle where the world is actively going into the dark. Once December hits, we begin preparing energetically for Winter Solstice – celebrated world-wide as some sort of light festival with the rebirth of the sun (or son. . . ). With this preparation, seasonal energies begin to lift.

So November is the peak (uh, anti-peak?) of the seasonal downwards energy. Following the thinness of the veil between worlds at Halloween, where we connect easily with the spirit world, November is a time to commune with our shadow side, inner demons, and hidden aspects of our lives. It’s a great time for personal retreat and quiet downtime, so forgive yourself if you’ve been feeling unmotivated (I have, and I will).

There is a pagan model of the Wheel of the Year, with the seasons as the lifecycle of the God and Goddess (the 2 halves of the Great Spirit in its binary, polarized form). The Earth Goddess is undying (though in her Lunar form she has a monthly death), but the Sun God, born at Winter Solstice, grows through the spring, courting the Maiden Goddess at Beltane (May Day), reaching the peak of his power in late summer, and sacrificing himself to the Earth for the Harvests in Fall, and spending November in the Underworld, where his crone wife communes with him before his rebirth.

There are many variations on the details, but whatever way you look at it, this is a time of symbolic death, and coming to terms with loss. The loss of light symbolizes whatever personal losses we have to cope with. While the darkness them makes it less than cheerful, this phase of the year is important and powerful for integrating all aspects of life into a cohesive whole.


Many of our greatest strengths are rooted in our wounds and failures. Integrating your dark side helps build a foundation for your power to develop.

So this month, give yourself some unstructured time to daydream, sink into memories, and let yourself process whatever you’ve been through. Take some time to put yourself back together if it’s been a tough year, or just integrate whatever changes have come.

As you do this, notice your inner power showing its face. As you make time and space for stillness, notice how your true self grows stronger, and knows itself better. You have exactly the tools you need to deal with whatever life has thrown at you, so dig around in your soul till you find where you’ve stored them.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Last Quarter Harvest Moon


Last Quarter Harvest Moon in Cancer

September 23 2016

Integrating New Awareness


In the aftermath of the “Living Your Purpose” Eclipse Season, we are integrating some potentially huge consciousness shifts. I say “potentially,” because there is still a certain impulse to turn away from our development and seek rest in what was comforting us a few months ago (especially as we move towards the dark moon).

By staying consciously present, we can acknowledge our need for rest, without closing any newly-opened doors.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Last Quarter Sun Moon

At the quarter moons (or half-moons—they are the same thing, as mathematically illogical as that seems) the moon is at a point of tension with the sun. Which means, things are tautly vibrating, ready to swing one way or the other. The first quarter is a make-or-break point with intentions set, or things conceived of at the new moon (either get to it, or abandon it and do something else).

With the full moon, energy culminates and something is brought to fruition (or else frustrations run wild).

The last quarter is a point of release. Release of the energy raised over the high moon time. Release of the successes and failures of the cycle. A time to pull back from the push to GET THINGS DONE, step off the ride, allow the downswing, and release pressure.

This month is the Sun Moon cycle, where the soulful moon is dominated by the expressive sun.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Working Mom's Tonic: Tuning In Tea of the Day

Today's Tea: Working Mom's Tonic

For all the working moms (and ALL mom's are working moms!) and stressed out women (and other people), this is what I'm brewing up today.

Gabriola wildcrafted Nettles for strength, Nettle Seeds for adrenal support (stress-resilience), Rose Petals for protective calm, Motherwort for hormonal balance and emotional resilience, Holy Basil for grounding and cleansing balance, Oatstraw for calming nourishment, and Hawthorn Berries for gentle circulatory balance.

This tea is nourishing, calming and energizing. It's for when you're stressed and need to keep going. For days when you'd like to go back to bed, but the world needs you. Make a strong pot and drink throughout the day. (Effects enhanced by frequent hugs, thank-you's and unabashed self-care).

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Spirit Moon In Libra

Monday, October 12, 5:06pm

Take time for inward reflection this new moon (and all new moons). Expect guidance from Spirit to readily present itself. Pay attention, whatever form it comes in.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Today, I'm Raining

As I tune into the current energies, the earth's season, the moon phase, the relationships of the stars, my own cycles and positions, the precession of the equinoxes, this and that, it occurs to me that today, I'm raining.

I notice, not when I hear the drops on the roof as I wake up, not as I try to persuade my son to wear his raincoat to kindergarten, but when I feel the drops on my face and heavying my sweater. As I feel how I feel today, tired, subtle, like getting some inner work done.

I think about all I do to prevent being affected by the rain, to protect my schedule from being interrupted, to avoid delays in the plan. As if I were my schedule, my job, my plans, and not NATURE.

Animals don't act the same in the rain. Plants don't. Why would I?

As all energies are interacting patterns, I am the earth in microcosm, as each of my cells is me, as the earth itself is the universe. We all carry the universal DNA some call God. So all these patterns reflect on each other, impact one another.

And the weather is another mirror in which to see myself, attune myself, recognize my place in the grand pattern, and go with the flow.
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