Monday, January 13, 2014

How Tuned In Are You?

I don't mean on your ipad. Or on your smart phone. Or on TV. I don't mean tuned in to the news of the world (the tragic story of modern society). 

I don't even mean tuned in to your community, your family or your relationships. . . although these things follow naturally from the ultimate tuning in. 

How tuned in are you to yourself?

What's your gut response? 

Out of ten, are you a 9, flowing through life with vision, purpose & intuitive grace? A 5, knowing who you are and where you come from, but always mysteriously falling victim to circumstances outside your control? A 1, lost & confused? 

Okay, there's no test with quantifiable scores. But notice that tuning in to yourself involves both self-awareness, and a sense of control over or belonging in your life. The latter is a result of the former.  

Get Out Of Your MIND and Into Your SELF
I've always been interested in self-awareness. I wrote introspective poetry in high school, studied psychology my first year of college, took up meditation and yoga. I got into indie music and started singing my heart out. I've dissected the workings of my mind, cursed my early conditioning, and consciously reprogrammed some unpleasant glitches.

But my concept of self-awareness has expanded significantly beyond these practices in the past few years, as I have realized this:

Emotions Are Physical
Emotions are not in our minds. They are in our bodies. And if they don't get acknowledged, expressed and worked through, they will stay there. Mucking things up. Slowing us down. Blocking our flow. Holding us back. 

This is not some clever metaphor. It's biology. Not the biology we learned in school. How many outdated oversimplified generalizations were we taught in school? How limited is our thinking as a result? (Science has continued to develop in the last hundred years. School curricula? Lagging behind.) 

Physical health has everything to do with how you feel, what you think, and every experience you've ever had. Mental health has everything to do with how well your body functions, how it processes nutrition, toxins, illness, stress, injuries. 

To take this a leap further, your success in life is a direct result of how effectively you are receiving and assimilating your experiences, and what you produce in response. 

Think of yourself as a cell in an organ in the organism of the universe. Think physical, emotional and energetic karma. Think of your whole self as an intricately designed bundle of complementary energies. Consider that each of those energies has a vibrational rate, which, if amplified into the range of audible sound, would literally play a part in your own personal symphony.

What does it all mean? How can the relationships between emotions, bodies and energy help you tune in to yourself? Subscribe to this blog to hear about new ways every month!

But here's a start:

Click here for an exercise in tuning in to your body. Before you try it though, what do you think your body has to say to you?

How tuned in are you?