Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Does Your Body Have To Say? (Tuning In Lesson #1)

Tuning In Lesson # 1:
Listen to your body. 
It's constantly telling you things. Don't try to shut it up with distraction, constant stimulation, overindulgence or medication. 

Your body can tell you exactly how to live your life. When it makes a complaint, it's not being a jerk. And it's not broken! It's telling you that something is wrong. If you don't listen to its little remarks, quiet suggestions and whispers, it will start yelling. Don't drug the messenger. Figure out what the problem is, and work on changing it. 

Take a moment now to tune in. 

Put away as many distractions as you can. Stretch your body a little. Sit comfortably or lay down, and close your eyes. Notice what your body has to say. 

Where do you have pain, stiffness, discomfort, or any other sensation? 
What is that soreness in your shoulder/back/knee about? 
How long has it been there? 
What kind of tensions are you storing there? 
What can you learn from this feeling? 
Ask it. And listen for an answer. 
What can you do about it? 
Can you make it feel better by touching it, breathing into it, or sending it love or healing intentions?

Notice what a difference simple awareness can make. Doing this every day can change your health, and your life. 

What does your body have to say?