Thursday, February 13, 2014

9 Signs You Could Benefit From Reiki

Check all that apply:

1. You are injured or ill.
Reiki helps the body heal itself. It doesn't matter what kind of ailment it is, reiki stimulates the body's regenerative capabilities, and helps clear away whatever blocked energy is keeping your body from functioning at peak capacity. 

2. You have mysterious pain or other symptoms.

We don't have to diagnose your problem for reiki to work. If something is out of balance in your system, but nobody quite understands it, reiki is a perfect treatment. Like an electrical current that seeks ground, reiki flows directly to any imbalances, healing minor disturbances, and proceeding to more deep-seated issues. With ongoing treatment, your body will increasingly heal itself. It is also possible that this healing might spark insights into what is causing your problem. 

3. Other treatments are ineffective for your condition, or cause side effects.
Reiki can ease side-effects of medications and other treatments without interfering with their functioning. Because reiki is non-invasive, and stimulates your body's own healing, it can be effective when medical treatments fail. It can also increase the effectiveness of medical treatments. 

4. You'd like to prevent illness and increase your vitality.
Disturbances and blockages in your body and energy flow start building up long before they produce symptoms. Detox your system from day-to-day stressors with a regular reiki session, to keep your health in top condition.

5. You are stressed and tired.
Reiki is an extremely relaxing therapy. It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep on the table (and snoozing through it doesn't stop it from working). It can have similar effects to a deep, restorative sleep, with the added benefit of targeting energetic blockages that keep your internal systems from restoring themselves. And if you have trouble getting to sleep, try an evening session.

6. You don't get much time to yourself.
Our busy lives often keep us distracted from what's going on inside us. Reiki can get you tuned in to physical cues that your health needs attention, emotional cues that something needs to change, and subtle energetic cues that guide your connections to the world around you. 

7. You need guidance.
Reiki can help you find and develop a powerful sense of inner guidance. You may also find it easier to find and connect with external guidance, as your personal energy begins to flow more smoothly.

8. You are depressed, or anxious.
Reiki is not a substitute for counseling, but it can help you release negative thought patterns, and restore mental balance. 

9. You want more out of life.
Whether you're living the good life, or stumbling through chaos, you may have a sense that there's more to life than this. Reiki can help you expand your sense of self beyond your current situation, and discover extraordinary potentials. 

In my own life, I use reiki as a meditation practice, for tuning into my body, mind, and energy field on a daily basis. This helps me get grounded, and connect to a sense of power that is simultaneously beyond and within myself. It helps me be more aware of my own needs, and increases my sense of fitting in with the world around me. My life makes more sense as I feel it from the inside, rather than analyzing it with my mind. 

If any of the above apply to you, you could benefit from a reiki session. For a method of self-healing and personal growth, learn reiki for yourself.

How many apply to you? Could you use reiki in your life?