Friday, March 7, 2014

Weeds: Power Plants

Nuisance or Power Plant?
I always thought dandelions were just as nice as any flower in the garden, and thought it was unfair to discriminate against them. Why were they scornfully classified as weeds? Just because they were so abundant and resilient?

When I found out as an adult that they were not only edible, but extremely nutritious and wonderful medicine, frankly I was outraged at the injustice. They were way better than the flowers in the garden who just stand around looking pretty, but aren't useful for anything.

Plants Want To Help
Now I know better than to take any plant for granted. Even the flowers that stand around looking pretty have their uses (usually attracting pollinators for all the plants in the area). Plants want to help. And their power to do so goes much deeper than most people know. 

Weeds that spread themselves all over (usually in ecologically disturbed areas) are incredibly resilient and powerful, and they come to share their strengths with their environment. 

Most weeds fix nutrients in disturbed soil, prevent water loss, or somehow offer a service that is ecologically needed. 

Here is a list of beneficial weeds, listing companion plants they assist, pests they repel, pollinators they attract, edible & medicinal uses

Energetic Power
In addition to these uses, plants all have a particular energetic signature, a vibration that carries their unique strengths. These strengths come across in their physical effects, but they can also be useful in subtle emotional, mental and spiritual ways. 

You can access a plant's energies through interaction with them, or by using vibrational essences (or both). Any respectful interaction can give you the benefit of a plants unique traits & strengths. It's like making a friend who can be a useful ally (actually it's exactly that). And plants are attracted to areas and people who need them.

The energies needed by an environment are needed by the people who live there too. If your environment is lacking a particular nutrient, you will be too, until you find a source to provide it. A plant that provides a nutrient or energy that's lacking will grow like crazy. 

So take a cue from your environment. If something is growing like crazy around you, what does it bring that you need? 

What's growing in abundance around your home?