Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Moon: Downtime

Feeling lazy? Tired? Unmotivated? Avoiding looking at your checkless to-do list?

Stay calm about being so calm. This is exactly how you're supposed to feel right now.

It's the new moon. 

photo by Filip Federowicz
I've been noticing the last three months at new-moon time I've had a bunch of stuff to get done, and have found myself blowing it off to just relax and go with the flow of the day, not accomplishing much. I've been aware though, that that is what the new moon asks of us. 

New Moon Energy

It's a time to turn inward. Rest. Renew yourself. Take a bath. Slow down. Allow mystery and chaos. Look inside yourself. Write down your feelings. Set some goals. Sit still. Be alone. Allow insights to enter your quiet mind.

New moon is a powerful time for intuition and feminine power. Inner power. Quiet power. When I say feminine, I don't mean that this is just for women. Men have their feminine aspects as well, and this is a time for all people to honour and recharge them. Feminine powers are receptive. Listening. Discernment. Sensing. Compassion. Yielding. Nurturing. Supporting.

Feminine Cycles

For women though, attuning to the moon's cycles is especially significant. The moon mirrors and guides women's monthly cycles. (Outer tides, and inner tides). When people lived in tune with nature's cycles--sun, moon, seasons--women menstruated at the new moon. Together. World tides. Imagine all women PMSing at the same time, having the same emotional (water) buildup and release at the same time. Intense. But it would also be alot more obvious what's going on, and that it's a cycle of natural energy, and not about the petty problems (symptoms) we mistakenly focus on

Your Personal Cycle

So, tuning in to the moon's energy can bring you insight into your own personal energy cycles. Your natural rise and fall. . . it's not supposed to be high energy all the time! We need to learn to honour our downtime!

Tuning in to the moon can also bring your personal cycle in sync with it. This can do alot to enhance your own energies, and may help you harness your personal power, increase your fertility (physical, mental, or creative) and manifest your desires. (Don't worry if your cycle is backwards, and you menstruate with the full moon. This is the wise-woman cycle, and also powerful!)

Global Renewal

You may notice similar feelings during the new moon as during your personal menstrual time. Need to rest. Emotional vulnerability. Fatigue. Impatience with others. A desire to indulge in simple pleasures & comfort. That's because the same energy process is happening on a global scale that happens to women during menstruation. It's a time of release of energy built up over the last month, cleansing, and renewal. Beginning a new cycle. 

Think of it as wiping your slate clean, and envisioning what to fill it with next. Before you get into the bustle and action of actual accomplishment. Allow stillness and clear some space for your intuitive knowing to fill. 

Great activities for honouring new moon time:

Alone time.

Quiet reading (for pleasure!)

Napping, extra sleep.

Candle-lit bath.

Star-gazing (the sky is dark, you won't see the moon out there, it's having its private time!)



Painting, doodling, expressive artwork. 




Tarot card reading (& other intuitive processes for personal reflection). 

To tune into the specific energies of the current moon, check out an astrology forecast. I like Virgo Magic's full & new moon profiles.

Are you feeling the new moon's influence? What are you doing to honour its energy?