Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Moon in Cancer, July 15 2015

New Manifest Moon in Cancer 
Monday July 13 - Thursday July 16
(New Moon: Wednesday July 15, 6:15 pm PDT) 

Expect this mooniest of new moons to dominate the week. The moon rules in Cancer, so sensitivity, feminine power, fertility, nurturing and empathy are high. Practical, logical concerns may be hopeless right now, unless they are in service to your heart, home, and family. Anything you're supposed to do for someone else, see if you can put it off till next week--though you may want to shower affection on those dearest to your heart. Moon in Cancer calls you to listen to your deep inner needs, and calls with irresistible magnetism. 

Wednesday begins the Manifest Moon cycle, where things come to fruition. Since the Full Manifest Moon (July 31st)  is a Blue Moon (second full moon of the month), it holds an extraordinary power for manifesting out-of-the-ordinary things

The New Moon is time for planting seeds (physical and symbolic). So if there's something you've been wanting to grow, create, receive or have, even something that seems far-fetched, now's the time to plant it with your deepest intentions. Nurture that seed in the next couple weeks and see what the Blue Moon brings. 

As you set new intentions, release any burdens you're carrying of things that have not worked out, or that have run their course. Let the released energy fertilize your new hopes and long-term dreams.

Questions to ask yourself:
What deep inner needs call to be addressed? 
What fanciful, idealistic solutions can you imagine to meet these needs? 
Who and what do you love most? 
What have you been wanting to do? Is now the time?