Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Down To Earth Herbal Chai

I've always loved chai tea, but I can't always handle caffeine. I wanted to create a chai blend that has the full flavour of a cup of chai, but without resorting to black tea for its fullness. Sure you can decaffeinate tea, but. . . I like to create products that use only ingredients that enhance the nutritional and medicinal effect. No filler. Just pure, high quality ingredients. 

So, this tea relies on a generous amount of cinnamon (cassia) for sweetness, ginger for body & spice, roasted chicory for that almost-coffee-like texture, locally harvested dandelion root for flavour, nutrition and liver cleansing, cloves for spice & detox, cardamom for circulatory stimulation, and yellow dock seed for immune support

This tea is delicious.
You can brew it up in a pot of boiling water, by itself, or with some black tea (if you need your caffeine dosage). Add honey and milk if you're into that sort of thing, for a traditional chai latte.
Or steep it a few hours (or overnight) in a teapot or jar.
Or (I recently discovered) make it in an esspresso machine for a quick cup. Run the shot extra long, and make several cups from one serving. (Boil the leftover dregs in water to get the absolute most out of the herbs). 

And it's gooooooood for you. 
It stimulates your liver, your body's detox center. Too much toxins in your system? (if you live in the same world as me, the answer is YES). These herbs strengthen and stimulate your body to filter out the toxins, clear out what's not needed, and keep on moving. Great for supporting weight loss, or detoxing from any substance dependencies. Dandelion & other bitter, liver-supporting herbs (like chicory) help curb cravings for sugar and other addictive substances. 

*If you're immune system is compromised, or you're super-sensitive, don't overdo it! Use a little at a time to avoid the detox effect (or Herxheimer Reaction)--if you release too many stored up toxins at once, they'll make you feel sick! (Taking the tea with milk & honey will dilute the cleansing effect & reduce any potential side-effects).