Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Spirit Moon In Libra

Monday, October 12, 5:06pm

Take time for inward reflection this new moon (and all new moons). Expect guidance from Spirit to readily present itself. Pay attention, whatever form it comes in.

Venus is powerful this moon cycle, just come out of retrograde and governing the new and full moons. This indicates fresh renewal energy for feminine power, pleasure, art, decorating, new clothes, and partnerships. 

I call the October moon Spirit Moon, as it is when the veil between worlds thins and access to the spirit world increases. The Sun is ending its yearly life cycle on Earth and this moon is a time of last rites. 

Libra applies the scales of justice to this process, so consider making amends, and plans to pay back what you owe, on the spirit level. On the flipside, recognize the abundant gifts you receive for all the love you give, and forgive what debts you can. We can easily see both sides of any situation right now. (Especially Libras: Anyone with a Libra Sun, Libra Moon or Libra Rising gets a good dose of balanced clarity).

This karmic tally takes place more in the spirit realm than the physical one, so think less in terms of cash and stuff, and more in terms of unseen forces supporting, guiding, and reminding you of your eternal responsibilities. 

This can be seen as a scary type of energy in our world, as the spirit realm can easily access our deepest truths and fears. I say take comfort in Libra's balancing powers. Trust in your inherent connection to all things, and take this opportunity for letting go, owning up, facing fears, and starting a new cycle on side with Spirit. (Samhain/Halloween is the Pagan New Year as the sun god dies, and a new cycle of creation begins).

Questions to ask yourself this New Moon:

1. What do you OWE?
What mistakes have you made that have not been forgiven?
What could you offer the world that might balance these debts energetically?
What power, talent, or knowledge have you been holding back & keeping to yourself? 

2. What do you DESERVE?
Yeah, you do. Own it!

3. What do you FEAR?
These things might show up for you this month. It's a great opportunity to release them!
What would help you let them go?

4. What CONNECTION do you have with SPIRIT?
This may be God, Nature, Goddess, Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides. . . 
Call on these for support.
If you can't find this support, ASK FOR IT, and see what appears over the next few weeks.