Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Today, I'm Raining

As I tune into the current energies, the earth's season, the moon phase, the relationships of the stars, my own cycles and positions, the precession of the equinoxes, this and that, it occurs to me that today, I'm raining.

I notice, not when I hear the drops on the roof as I wake up, not as I try to persuade my son to wear his raincoat to kindergarten, but when I feel the drops on my face and heavying my sweater. As I feel how I feel today, tired, subtle, like getting some inner work done.

I think about all I do to prevent being affected by the rain, to protect my schedule from being interrupted, to avoid delays in the plan. As if I were my schedule, my job, my plans, and not NATURE.

Animals don't act the same in the rain. Plants don't. Why would I?

As all energies are interacting patterns, I am the earth in microcosm, as each of my cells is me, as the earth itself is the universe. We all carry the universal DNA some call God. So all these patterns reflect on each other, impact one another.

And the weather is another mirror in which to see myself, attune myself, recognize my place in the grand pattern, and go with the flow.
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