Friday, January 29, 2016

Working Mom's Tonic: Tuning In Tea of the Day

Today's Tea: Working Mom's Tonic

For all the working moms (and ALL mom's are working moms!) and stressed out women (and other people), this is what I'm brewing up today.

Gabriola wildcrafted Nettles for strength, Nettle Seeds for adrenal support (stress-resilience), Rose Petals for protective calm, Motherwort for hormonal balance and emotional resilience, Holy Basil for grounding and cleansing balance, Oatstraw for calming nourishment, and Hawthorn Berries for gentle circulatory balance.

This tea is nourishing, calming and energizing. It's for when you're stressed and need to keep going. For days when you'd like to go back to bed, but the world needs you. Make a strong pot and drink throughout the day. (Effects enhanced by frequent hugs, thank-you's and unabashed self-care).

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