Saturday, July 2, 2016

Last Quarter Sun Moon

At the quarter moons (or half-moons—they are the same thing, as mathematically illogical as that seems) the moon is at a point of tension with the sun. Which means, things are tautly vibrating, ready to swing one way or the other. The first quarter is a make-or-break point with intentions set, or things conceived of at the new moon (either get to it, or abandon it and do something else).

With the full moon, energy culminates and something is brought to fruition (or else frustrations run wild).

The last quarter is a point of release. Release of the energy raised over the high moon time. Release of the successes and failures of the cycle. A time to pull back from the push to GET THINGS DONE, step off the ride, allow the downswing, and release pressure.

This month is the Sun Moon cycle, where the soulful moon is dominated by the expressive sun.

I’ve experienced this as a pull to do lots of stuff. Social interaction, connection, celebration has been very important, taking precedence over the moon’s usual demands to withdraw, release and recharge. The result is that this month has felt very BIG and BUSY. Bright and optimistic also. Frustrating of course at times. I’ve made a point of scheduling in down days (this is a major responsibility of the Moon Shaman), allowing release in order not to absolutely explode from the pressure of all the energy trying to pass through me.

The new moon (June 4) to full moon (June 19) was a steady rise in energy (a bit of pressure—we can avoid the pressure build by regular release). For me that buildup resulted in a significant release at the full moon (crying and laughing were involved), followed by a sense of satisfaction with where I’m at.

The last quarter moon June 27th brought a creative breakthrough for me, which relieves a particular tension I’ve been feeling for a few years.

After the last quarter everything crashed back to earthy concerns. Complaints of worldly annoyances surrounded me. Well, here we are at the end of the moon cycle. Ready to release our frustrations, and successes too. Time to allow feelings to flow how they may, file away what we’re done with, sweep out the dust of construction and confetti. Let go of being in control for a little while, allow the beautiful mystery to confound you. Let the darkness in. Let the anger out.

In a month of such high energy, release is prompt and demanding. This is the energy of the last week of the moon cycle. If you can embrace it—release hard, rest hard—then you can be refreshed and ready when the dark moon this weekend gives way to a new beginning, as always. . .

The new moon July 4th begins the Manifest Moon cycle. It calls for visioning next week (July 4-10) in order to bring into practice whatever breakthroughs have come up in the last few months. The stuff that began to shine through you in June, whether secretly, modestly, generously, or pompously.

So, what’s been coming up for you?

What’s been shining from your core?

This week, don’t try to figure anything out, but recognize that something is happening (or is trying to). Give yourself a break, knowing that the time to move forward is coming soon. If it helps, write or talk out what’s been going on for you—but remember the point right now is to release pressure. Relax into who you are, where you’re at. If you’re down, remember, this is the time to be down, the train going up doesn’t leave for a few more days.