Friday, September 23, 2016

Last Quarter Harvest Moon


Last Quarter Harvest Moon in Cancer

September 23 2016

Integrating New Awareness


In the aftermath of the “Living Your Purpose” Eclipse Season, we are integrating some potentially huge consciousness shifts. I say “potentially,” because there is still a certain impulse to turn away from our development and seek rest in what was comforting us a few months ago (especially as we move towards the dark moon).

By staying consciously present, we can acknowledge our need for rest, without closing any newly-opened doors.


We are entering the last week of the Harvest Moon cycle. This is a point of illumination, where we can get a new perspective on what we’ve harvested this month, this season, this year, and reflect on what we still want to accomplish.

This perspective shift may be more of a feeling, as we take a couple months to fully integrate what’s going on into a sense of big-picture clarity (think early December, with the Birth Moon, and sun in Sagittarius). We’re feeling out a new sense of focus, and need time to adjust to new ways of seeing, and find our balance.  The current moon in Cancer supports this energy of feeling things out.


Yesterday’s Autumn Equinox (with moon in Gemini) brought us a powerful force of bringing polarities into balance. Whatever imbalances you experience in your life between opposing forces—like dark/light, masculine/feminine, work/rest, giving/receiving—are attempting to realign themselves. This can make you feel wobbly and uncertain, again as an adjustment period to a new state of balance.

If you’re very balanced to begin with (some people have this superpower) you probably feel supercharged by the equinox and the sun passing into Libra, the sign of balance and justice.


In both the month-cycle and the year-cycle we’re entering the dark-time—time of turning our energies inward for rest, renewal and introspection. Prepare for these times (New Moon Sept. 30, and winter ahead) with your eyes open. Bring consciousness into your downtime by acknowledging your needs, while you keep-up acting on your truth, at a slowing pace.