Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Full Fertility Moon

Autocorrect Diary #67
March 18, 2019

Showing Up 

looking at myself with this project is starting to change my memory 
my body is pulling me out of bed and then I can be in a way of showing up in front of the moon 
what does the job of the moon do as I am going through my life?

is it possible that I am a doctor of sorts for her life?

I mean I am doing this alone but it has to have an effect on the way the whole universe works 

I know posting intelligent words is not specifically relevant 
but it's all connected by the instability of the need in our hearts to see how much energy we can accept 
where we are now is the time for Autocorrect Poems to show the truth 
Moonsister Moon Report
Full Fertility SuperMoon in Libra
Spring Equinox
March 20, 2019, 6:42pm PT

Libra loves love. Loves harmony. Loves balance. Loves integration. Balance. This Full Supermoon happens at the Spring Equinox. The time of balance where we pass from the dark, mysterious internal time of year, where we process, reflect, dream, and envision, to the active, radiating, external time of year, where we make connections and create something solid, build on the foundations we’ve set for ourselves, and manifest our dreams into being. Or whatever it is we’ve been focusing on comes up, asks to be let out, given a life of its own. Oh, the fertility moon. Pisces season. No, this is the point where Pisces, the Dreamtime, ends, and Aries, Actiontime begins. Aries wants to charge ahead. Says, give me a mission and I’ll get it done. It doesn’t think about the mission, just about all the energy it has and how it wants to do something with it. So I hope you’ve got a plan. Or, a grounding in what’s important to you. Because part of you is ready to stop thinking and just go for it. 

So the Moon enters Libra, the balancer, as the Sun passes from Pisces to Aries. Pisces is the end of the zodiac, the astrological wheel of the year, and Aries, the beginning. I don’t know why Aries is the beginning, why is spring the beginning? Because that’s a visible beginning of things? The beginning of the Sunny side of the year? The Masculine side of the year? Why is it not Capricorn? The Winter Solstice? That is really where things begin, the feminine time where birth happens, and new things are envisioned, that are not yet ready to take form. It’s like all the work done up until the Sun’s time to shine is unacknowledged, unpaid, emotional labour. See where I’m going here? It’s a patriarchal system? Ha ha. That’s partly a joke, and partly not. Like seriously, dude, do you think you can just jump in and get things done, by taking action and keeping busy, without doing the inner work to know what the point of any of it is? Who you really are? What MATTERS. What matters enough to put the work into materializing. What to focus your energy on. Because this is the time of year we are inspired to take action. And, plenty has come before this. And whatever you’ve been focusing your energy on is what will materialize as spring bursts into being and grows into the heat of summer and we walk through the fire of our own creation, and then harvest in the fall what results from it all, what we can keep to nourish us, and then reflect into the winter how that all went, how all of who we are and all of who we’ve been led to what we have now and who we are, and, what is that? And where do we go from here? What next? Sink into the truth, to create a truer, realer, more authentic version of ourselves as we begin the next cycle. 

That is the Wheel of the Year, and here we are now, at the First Quarter. If the Solar Cycle was a Moon Cycle, the Winter Solstice would be the New Moon, and this the First Quarter, the time to take action on intentions. 

I’m experiencing this as an awakening of physical awareness. As the weather warms and the Sun begins to shine and I turn off my heat and leave my jacket at home (I seriously did today), and I consider going to the beach, (but question what it is I want to create, as that was so the foundation of what I created last year, the liminal space between Water and Earth, and isn’t it something Earthier I want to manifest this year?). And the Moon shines in my window at night. And I am floating in the Pisces space at the end of the Zodiac, as the sun is in this space of dissolving into the oneness of existence before charging forward into a new experience (oh okay, I am acknowledging a finishing point. Cycles are multi-dimensional and overlap don’t they? Always always). In the Pisces space. . . If Aries is the beginning, then THIS is the dark moon, where there is no structure, only surrender, surrender. Flowing. Is what my words are doing, pulling my mind, or vice versa, if you feel what I mean. 

Pisces is the realm of shadow work. Interesting. Ending the dark half of the year, culminating the inner reflection that began at the Spirit Moon in October, into November’s Underworld Moon and processed through winter, with the internal creation happening through the Birth, Seed and Groundwork Moons. 

And Libra the balance of dark and light. Full Moon the balance of dark and light. Equinox the balance of dark and light. Life, the balance of dark and light. 

This SuperMoon is informed by Mercury retrograding in Pisces, as our Mental Self (Mercury) reflects on the Pisces realm, where we dissolve into oneness with the Universe, where all is released and simultaneously dreamed into being. Let go and create. Let go and create. Let go and create. Let go and create. It’s how it works! Life is paradox and opposites dancing, resisting and giving in, fighting and loving, pushing and pulling. Let go and create. And the Fertility Moon cycle is a pull to surrender to the process. The process of surrender to the action that pulls you. Surrender to the growth of what you’ve secretly been cultivating. In your heart. In your soul. In the part of you that doesn’t really exist, that isn’t really real. . . yet. 

And so, what do you think about it? As your mind reflects, revisits the past, and lets go of something in order to create something new. Drop some old baggage in order to jump onto a new path unencumbered. That’s spring, right? And like I said, the cycles overlap. There is no one beginning, one ending, where everything stops. Nothing begins that isn’t in the middle of a thousand other processes. Cycles cycling. It’s mind boggling, that’s why we look at the sky, and notice how its patterns are happening within us too. And we find markers and symbols for our own cycles. And we relate to one another, all a little different, all a little the same. I see myself in you. As above, so below. As without. So within.